Sunday, December 30, 2007


· What had you done in 2007 that you had never done before?
Read loads of books, surfed the net a lot....and had lots of fun!!

· What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007?
I would love to have many many friends...would love to blog more...and yeah study!!!

· What do you wish you had done more of 2007?

· What song(s) will always remind you of 2007?
Sham hai, jam hai (Don), tumse hi(jab we met), and for some reasons, drops of jupiter (Train) and what i've done(LP)

· What date from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory and why?
I dont remember the date, but the month was August....and you dont need to know why..:P

· What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Well, there were so many moments like the first time my poem was published in DNA and i got a prize for it(Free accomodation in Goa-i didnt go..:(  ), then when i laid my hands on HP7, when i first got my first ever german novels (four of them).....

· What was the best thing you got in 2007?
A Wrist watch and a jacket

· What places did you visit this year?
Rajasthan-The Dilwara temples were beautiful

· What was the best book you read in 2007?
It was Five Past Midnight In Bhopal(Dominique Lappiere) and A Thousand Splendid Suns(Khaled Hosseini)

· What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I spent my day at my favourite place-Asangaon. There's a Jain temple over there which i love to visit. I am eighteen.

· What do you wish you had done less of in 2007?
Sleep less and less orkuting!!

· What was your favorite film this year?
Jab We Met, not a movie can't even remember what i saw..

· Who did you miss the most among relatives and friends?
My four cousins who live in Andheri

· What did you hate most about yourself this year?
Being indecisive and moody

· Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
I dont think so

· If you could go back in time to any moment of 2007 and change something, what would that be?
The date has to be 28th November. That day was my German exam and unbelievably the entire batch of ours failed, so i would go back to that moment and write the paper again and pass this time!! :)

· Did you do any act of benevolence this year?
Sadly, no

· My 2008 wish list:
1.Read loads of books
2.Love more..
3.Play some sport
4.Be more social
5.And lastly be happy!!

I wish to see the yearpost of Pallav,Zahid,Busywriter,Jagadeesh,Matty and Patchez.


Friday, December 21, 2007

My 'Priced' Tag

1. I am a self confessed narcissistic, soon on the threshold of becoming a megalomaniac. Shit!! I am so good at hyperboles!!

2. I am eighteen years old and my future profession keeps on changing. This time I noted the degree of transition in my professions:
On 11th December, 2007 I wanted to be a freelance journalist and even dreamed of writing a novel. I almost, almost got the Pulitzer and the Booker!! :P was so close….shyah!!
On 12th, a German to English and vice versa translator.
On 13th , a movie director, preferably a director of short films and yes you get it right this time I WAS kissing my Oscar trophy..
On 14th , a social service worker…*sigh*…I had this reverie of being in an orphanage, playing with those under-privileged children…the best dream so far!!
And on 15th it was IIM ….ufffff…

3. On very important and crucial appointments, I have this inexplicable ability to entice a bird’s blah-blah and trust me it STINKS.

4.I love perfumes. I hate it when people don’t use them…

5. Courtesy to me and my friends (Abha, Chris) we have formed this theory named “The Intellectual Rubbish” which states that there are two types of people existing in this world : a) The intellectually dumb ones and b) the dumbly dumb ones!! Now you may ask why?? After a certain amount of observations, we came to a conclusion that everyone in this world is prone to doing something really, really dumb at some point of their lives, be it when they were alone (this is really important) or in front of everyone, at least at one point of time, they were really embarrassed na? So even if you are an intellectual, you ARE dumb!!! Understood??
(All rights reserved. No part of this really short and comprehensible and “intellectual” theses may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission. COPYRIGHT)

6. Why do people start talking about their own “hard and testing times they had to face” when you go to them to share your ado?? “oh ye to kuch nahi, jab me tere umar ki thi, mujhe to kitne dukh dekhne pade, tera to mere samne kuch nahi!!!” This attitude sucks!!!

7. People have abundant reasons to be happy. Why do they search things which make them depressed and then sulk over it for a lifetime? Why cant they see that there’s so much joy and happiness around us?

8. If you, at any point of time, want to kill me, just shove me in a room full of cockroaches, lizards or any flying insects…and yes make sure you have sound-proof glasses in that room!!!

The tag passes to abha and siddharth joshi.


Saturday, December 8, 2007



The craving seems endless,
The taste buds just starve,
Beholding those chocolates,
It’s impossible to stop drooling!!
The condition may turn hapless,
If I don’t pick up a snicker,
My hands just grab it,
The bar is naked in no time,
My lips rest on the bar,
Slowly, but eagerly,
I take my time,
To let it melt,
To experience what’s in the crust,
To let the soft fluid ooze out itself,
THAT’S something I don’t wanna miss,
And after that it’s just a heavenly bliss……..


Zit shit
(zit=pimple *slang*)

Mom : Why are you trying to burst that pimple out?

Me : Huh!?! What kind of a question is that? Why shouldn’t I?

Mom : It will get worse and you might develop a scar.

Me : So what do you want me to do? Let it be there so that my friends notice that and point it out to me-hey Manu, see there’s a pimple on your nose…how did you get it?

Mom : So? Let them tell that…why does it matter?

Me : Do you see this *pointing my finger at the tip of my nose* . you know how embarrassing this is? This know you can extract enough oil from it to cook your dinner tonight!

Mom : Yeah, I thought that too. But will it taste good? *my mom..huh!! bout adding oil to the fire*

Me : Mom…you know there’s a party tonight… how do I go there with this mountain adorning my nose!… *tears, tears and more of them* I can compete with Mt.Everest now!

Mom :Acha, try applying toothpaste, maybe it will subside by evening…

Me : What haven’t I tried?? Sandalwood, neem paste, some stupid gel, everything…I have tried everything…it’s just the hill that it was yesterday…and yes there’s snow on the top too..and now you tell me bout this toothpaste??
Mom :*sniggers* Yeah it’s winter no?? By the way it’s the pus *do I come across as such a moron? Huh?!?*It will work…trust me.

Me :*disgusted look* Mom? I am not giving this thing any other chance to survive…I am gonna kill it…and mom don’t try to stop me…

Mom :You know what I wonder sometimes, why are pimples always ‘round’ in shape? Why can’t they be triangular, square, rectangle….
*I interrupt*

Me : Mom what hogwash are you talking about? This is pretty serious…this thing is perched upon my nose since last four days…four days…I am confined in this house since last four days…I haven’t stepped out…this is so embarrassing…like a house arrest! *tears, tears, tears…..*

Mom : Wasting your tears for such petty matter…you have gone crazy…

Me :holy cow, ok….am off to sleep…am not touching it…I will sleep whole day so that I can’t think bout it!!

I wake up to see that ‘thing’ bigger than ever… and the next day there’s another one on my cheek…as they say-a drowning man is not troubled by rain……


The Fate Of Infidelity

Abhishek sat there, with his eyes opened in utter shock and terror. He couldn’t well digest or believe it what he was reading. His wife could do this to him? Arundhati? The world started spinning around him. He wanted this revelation to be a concealment that he could hide from himself. He didn’t want it to be accepted as a truth. This jungle of thoughts made him go ballistic. Suddenly an air of nostalgia grew thick….

They lay on the beach, the warm zephyr blowing Arundhati’s curls. Their gazes met. Abhishek could hardly deny that he had ever been this deep in someone’s eyes. This depth though gave a floating feeling to him. A feeling he didn’t want to come out of, not even if the world ended. They epitomized a pure form of love that could not get tainted by betraying any laws of the society, because their parents were in strong opposition of their love.

“Marry me. And ya, I am not asking you. That’s an order.” She laughed. He found her response in her tears of happiness.

Both being doctors, they found solace only when they came home. Being together was the thing they craved for. As they say happiness doesn’t last longer. Abhishek met with an accident that resulted in the amputation of his right hand. A gynecologist. His world ended before him. Down the years he became more and more reclusive, indicating no signs of happiness on his face. Arundhati’s futile efforts to cheer him up, left her starve for a feeling of belonging, love and care.
That day she came in home a little agitated.
He said, “I have made a decision. I am joining a call center. I can’t live on your expense day in and day out. It’s eating me, this feeling of dependence. I hope you don’t mind. Now I think we will be meeting only on weekends.”
Why couldn’t he find another job. she didn’t dare to ask him.

Their communication grew drastically less. He seemed to be always busy and even her concern for him deteriorated. Even on weekends, they would struggle for words. Even their eyes stopped speaking. They saw their relationship going nowhere, but none of them had any reasons for why it should end.
They let it fade, naturally.
She entered the room. Least had she expected that Abhishek would be in her room and that too with her personal diary in his hand. His look of terror made her ask-“have you been reading my personal diary??”

“Yes, and I want you out of my house. Now.”
“Who are you to tell me that. I too live here.”

“I don’t want to live with a bitch like you. Do you realize that Aruna is a woman? A woman? You are going around with a woman??”
“THAT was just an accident. You have to understand and trust me. She was the one who made advances. I totally avoided her.”
“Wasn’t she one of your fucking patients? Just get lost. I am getting creeps, seeing you in front of my eyes.”
“But try to understand me… why cant you believe me?”
“I have got no reason to believe you. You have shown what you are. GET LOST.”
“Fine. I too am sick of your cloistered behavior.”

She left the house….not with tears but with a big grin on her face. Along the corner, she was waiting. Aruna. “You are ingenious aruna. He read the diary. Our plan worked. It was flawless. I knew he would read the diary that was kept open!! Getting out of his life I feel like a bird. Its good to be out of confinement. Now I am all yours.”

There Abhishek sat with a phone in his hand,” Come over Anne darling, there’s no one in the house, forever.”


When i began to understand the beauty of words...

Lately, I have been bitten by this bug of writing. Four years back this was the same thing I abhorred intensely…why? Only because I wasn’t good at it! Just the thought of writing 300 words essays gave me creeps and my hands started sweating…and the result would be some crap that resembled the writing of a fifth standard student.

Here’s an example…yeah, yeah have a good laugh..

The essay title is “A visit to a historical monument”…written way back when I was in 9th std.

This Diwali vacation our school arranged a picnic to Taj Mahal. We had to pay two hundred rupees for that.(only??) We traveled by train. It was a journey of fun and frolic. (I know the start’s miserable and you guys are guffawing..more fun ahead)
The arrival time of the train was at morning 7 a.m. We went by Taj express. The wonderful scenery enticed me (my futile attempts to use good vocab) and others. Time went by and we didn’t even realize that it was time to sleep. We slept comfortably. We reached Agra in the morning, the next day. (this is so pathetic!!! Full of grammatical errors…d’uh. Did I really write this? )

Taj Mahal was built at the expensive rate of more than 6 crore rupees ( who said that? Such a pheku I was ). It took more than 300 years to be constructed. (300??? I could I write such a dumb thing???what on earth was i thinking?)

Okay back to some serious business. My ma’am used to laugh at this and insult me. Soon before I knew she used to avoid my doubts, and pretend that she was imbibed in teaching other students. That taught me one thing- make a resolution and most importantly abide by it.

So I poured over my oxford dictionary for hours and hours together…learning the meanings, the structure, the origin, the usage…everything…read numerous novels…ransacked the newspapers for any new word I could find..I never used to read until I faced this disgrace…and then I fell in love….with words…I never imagined how an assimilation of words could weave such beautiful stories…it was like opening an Aladdin’s cave. ..

And then I started writing…I had left my tuitions after the shame. The first time I faced her after my transition…she was extremely pleased…and that certainly was a boost…"Nanjangud ma’am (my English tutor) wherever you are I owe everything to you…" I wish I could meet her and tell her how thankful I am to her…for she was the one who taught me, of course unknowingly, the beauty of words…

Here I would like to quote a paragraph from a book called “Totto-Chan” –
Down through the ages, Watt and Newton cannot have been the only ones to notice the steam from a boiling kettle or observe an apple fall. Having eyes, but not seeing beauty; having ears, but not hearing music; having eyes, but not perceiving the truth; having hearts, but never set on fire.’

She set my heart on fire and made me see the beauty…and yes there’s lot remaining to be explored……..


Sunday, December 2, 2007

I made an alien happy!!!

Thanks to the alien!!!
From Manisha

Fellow readers and bloggers of my “much acclaimed, highly praised, much admired, applauded, celebrated, infinitely extolled, beautifully adorned and commended” blog (the narcissist I am :P )…..

Zahid is such a wonderful person and blogger and friend and a saintly soul as much as he is an alien with a mind as witty, satiric, stupid and nonsensical as a fox

He has such a beautiful mind, you know…
Always ready to help others…
Always empathizing with someone,
Always a good son, a friend and in future the best dad and best husband,
Always on the pinnacle, whatever it is-academics, sports…

P.S. I was drugged into writing this…he creates this hypnosis…sends an e-mail with a virus that flies off your pc and attacks your cerebral system and voila! there u are hallucinating about all the self-proclaimed good qualities of Zahid. Well I didn’t erase this as I thought about not letting his hypnosis fail and the good soul I am, I wont let anything’ bad’ happen to anyone…only the’ worst’ :P…

And yes Zahid, we won’t burn your effigies and shout the dethroning slogan. Neither will you be taken to the gallows!! Instead, I would like to say-
“If humor were dollar, if satire cent and words penny, Zahid would have been a millionaire”

Relax, zzzz..zzzzzz…*yawns* ..ahid… I’m aware how much you love exaggeration…so don’t start whooping and getting delirious with joy…and stop dancing like a monkey

I can be very benevolent at times.
Adieu for now!!

P.S. oiee…when are we directing the movie??