Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The sky burst into numerous colors displaying, amongst them, the most beautiful ones. Each of them fought with one another to be more visible and the result was an eclectic mix of all. Suddenly, as if angry by the chaos the colors were causing, the sun burst out diffusing his sunlight, erasing the kaleidoscope the hues had made. Now there was only one color, the bright yellow.

Grisha watched the sight with awe, wondering how she had missed such a sight in so many years. She still lay in her bed, with droopy eyes, a light smile on her face, thoughts encircling the many wonders of god. The sleep god invited her once more into his reign, but Grisha knew, she would miss school if she slept again. School wasn’t particularly loved by her, but such a beautiful sight today had made her so happy, that she could endure anything. And today was a very special day. It was her birthday. It was HER day.

She got out of her bed hurriedly and went straight to her parents. They hugged and wished her and her mother gave Grisha her favorite sweet. She almost gulped the entire sweet in delirium. Grisha asked if she could treat her best friends Shagun and Leela with Jalebis.

Hopping on into the bathroom, she scrubbed and cleansed herself leisurely, one thing she would usually avoid and do in haste, as though bathing today would make her more beautiful. She then saw herself in the mirror, combed her hair carefully and smiled. The village school in the village didn’t permit them to wear any other dress other than the uniform. She frowned a bit at the thought, but she had bought these flying little winged butterfly clips, a current rage in the village melas amongst the girls, and put them on. She chuckled in glee and wished she could be photographed.

Birthdays never meant so much for her until she was invited for Harish’s birthday celebration, the son of the head of the village. The entire village was invited and everyone had brought some or the other thing for Harish. From then birthdays assumed great importance. She wished she could celebrate like him. She didn’t quite understand what they were meant for, but she knew, that on birthdays, you could get whatever you wanted.

Carrying her bag, she marched her way to the school imagining her day, her friends wishing her, she handing over the toffees to them, Shagun and Leela relishing with delight, the Jalebis treated by Grisha all the while touching and adjusting her pink butterfly clips.
She almost broke into a jig, but contained herself.

As she reached the school gates, it was evident that she was late, because usually the children would have been playing outside. Her classroom was on the ground floor itself and as she reached there, she saw Masterji had already begun the lessons. She asked for permission. The master nodded in approval. And then he asked, “So children, did you do your math homework?”

The words hit upon her, sounding like heavy bricks, only they didn’t make a sound. Ten minutes later, she saw herself as the only one being beaten by a cane right on the knuckles and thrown out of the classroom. Mind was nature’s biggest chameleon. A little while ago she felt like dancing and now she didn’t want to move. She let her tears find her way, drop onto the ground and stood there till they evaporated. She had remembered, yet she had forgotten.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clouds' Play.

The clouds play,
with the sunshine,
an innocuous game,
of hide and seek,
inviting the sun's wrath,
and the sun,
in his anger,
burns them,
to pitch black,
ant then the clouds,
cry sweet tears,
leaving behind,
a seven hued,
sad smile.