Friday, February 8, 2008


Men pee anywhere and everywhere.

Bus stops, railway stations, in and around gutters, at the back of a wall, behind a BIG tree- you name a place in India and some man must must must have ‘pee’d there.

THE SITUATION: Controlling the flow becomes so impossible, it must pass out…glance around…a ‘pee’k-a-boo… is anyone seeing ???…turn your back…a hand on a side of waist…zip off the fly and yeah,…suddenly everything is paradise…heaven…

I hate it..I hate it…I hate it..and I don’t know why I am making such a big fuss out of men peeing anywhere…

Maybe I have been seeing this really disgusting site almost everyday…I go to my bus stop and there’s this big tree near-by…every time I go there. I see a man peeing..behind that poor tree. I mean look at it. Why do they have to do this? There are so many public toilets around or what they call as ‘shauchalyas’, and at least in Mumbai I can assure, you will find a public toilet at every railway station. Now is that too difficult? Why do these people have to get so desperate? Why?

That stench I have to bear everyday!!! Wall-written messages and Graffiti end up in fumes!!! Every wall in Mumbai bears this message ( Now, now not every wall but sporadically if you consider) – ‘Yaha toilet karna mana hai’ and for the ease of it, its written in Hindi and a much worse term is used for ‘toilet’. Still, men will pee on that message!!! Pee, pee, pee till that ‘mana’ vanishes!! Yeah…talk about being sadists in their own way…

When will someone do something about it?? Do you find any woman doing this? I mean, see consider that a woman did do this, what would have been the reaction?? She would have been in jail, or she would have been made to pay some high penalty for sure. Peeing in public for women would essentially be considered as an attempt at ‘nudity’..d’uh!!!!
(sorry for the diversion, I didn’t mean to take this topic to gender issues, but this is one!!!)

I showed this article to my dad and he said- Let ‘pee’s prevail
I said- Let ‘pee’s be with you….


At February 23, 2008 at 9:13 PM , Blogger Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

>>I hate it..I hate it…I hate it..and I don’t know why I am making such a big fuss out of men peeing anywhere… <<
we shud make a big fuss of it!!! No woman would ever do it!! we have some self respect!!

In delhi on the walls.. people have writtn ' Jai mata di' or sum such slogan, or have stuck pics of Gods or tiles with God motifs. its a very innovative way. but sadly men find a small space b/w 2 pics and they pee thr!!!

btw.. did u post all thz on d same day???

pee's lol

At March 1, 2008 at 4:18 PM , Blogger zahid said...

Ahem...My bussiness plan is reayd...MAnufacture and sale of spectacles that would create a myopic/hypermetropic effect whenever someone 'pees' Just hope this wouldnt prevent those who rest in 'peace'.

And what do you mean...You know urine has high protien and nutrient content (as good as manure) or rather a natural fertilizer for a tree...You are speaking with a afforester now !!


At March 11, 2008 at 9:51 PM , Blogger Siddharth Joshi said...

ur just jealous cause u gals can't do the same!! :-D

At March 27, 2008 at 6:30 PM , Blogger a new philosopher is born said...

well to be honest i have spent time think abt this issue myself. being a guy, it was more difficult to understand this because it was not possible for me to analyse things objectively.
i asked many of my friends, why we do what we do. and most people use the word heaven. i mean peeing in open space is so relaxing, and so different from doing it in closed places, so claustrophobic.
probably, unlike thw western nations, we are still close to the animal kingdom than to the civilised society of world.....

At April 10, 2008 at 4:33 PM , Blogger Zeus said...

LOL ... i dnt ... there are some people for whom world is a free ground ... they not only pee, but do watever thy feel like without bothering who is around ... n its said ... the more u run from things or the more u detest somethin ... the closer u get to it ... lol ... in ur case ... the more frequently wud u come across this sight ... btw where is that u live ... i dnt see anyone do that in the area m living in .... :)))) but a real funny article for sure :)

At April 10, 2008 at 6:55 PM , Blogger پريانکا said...

OOOO hell even I hate anythingg..!! Even I see sooo many pee-ing everyday!! grrr I feel like going to that person and ask him why are you doing this here???



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